Arsene Wenger’s Transfer Targets For Next Season | Wenger’s Transfer Plans for 2009-2010 Season

With another humiliating defeat against a top club (now Chelsea then Manchester United), Arsene Wenger will be targeting a solid and experienced defender. The last two games at the Emirates stadium saw Gunners conceding 7 goals. Arsenal defense is the major led down in the recent years, just compare the back four a few years back and now you will feel the drastic difference. The well known William Gallas controversy is also a reason for the defensive depletion and also he is aging, so replace him with a guy who can fill him as a central defender a prolific scorer in dead ball situations, only Joleon Lescott come to my mind, he was the highest scoring defender in 2007 2008 season with eight goals and this season he has scored some crucial goals for Everton. Arsene just go for him, but it would cost 10 million pounds. If Arsenal F C not willing to pay that much for a defender then trade Gallas to A C Milan who are reported to be interested in his service and get some funds to get Lescott.

Joleon Lescott | Joleon Lescott For Arsenal

Joleon Lescott | Joleon Lescott For Arsenal

Another area where Arsenal can be strengthened is in the central midfield. They need a good solid experienced defensive midfielder. I’m not satisfied with the inconsistent display by Alex Song, may be he is too young to be a defensive midfielder of such a attacking side. According to me Xabi Alanso will be perfect to live up to the most difficult and most important job in Football and also he will combine well with Fabregas and release him as an attacking midfielder, few matches ago we saw how effective Fabregas could be as a attacker rather than holding back. Rest of the midfield is unchangeable with the likes Andrei Arshavin, Theo Walcott, Samir Nasri and Denilson in the squad.

Xabi Alonso and Cesc Fabregas

Xabi Alonso and Cesc Fabregas

Arsenal doesn’t need strikes they have all kinds of attackers they have strong Adebayor, technical Robin Van Persie, natural finisher Eduardo and swift Carlos Vela. Note I didn’t mention Bendtner, I don’t want him in the team he is not a gunner. His goal tally of 15 this season will help Wenger to trade him to a good price. I completely accept with Wenger who recently said that Arsenal don’t need strikers and also he said “We are unstable at the back”, so the two players I have mentioned would be the ideal targets for the next season 2009-2010.

~ by shazhell on May 12, 2009.

22 Responses to “Arsene Wenger’s Transfer Targets For Next Season | Wenger’s Transfer Plans for 2009-2010 Season”

  1. sell ade , bring in pogrebnyak , xabi alonso , sell djourou , almunia , gallas , denilson, bendtner , bring in hangeland , juhasz , benaglio , dzeko, GENTNER , schafer , RIether , jadson , pavlyuchenko , and Hazard……….

    • What you are suggesting is a complete make over but it is not necessary, Arsenal just needs a couple of experienced legs + replacements for any one got transfered.

  2. arsenal just needs defender and also needs to buy benzema and tevez and santaz cruz and defenders like mexes rome and pene stil from fulham as central defenders thanks

    • You are absolutely right, Arsenal need to be tight at the back and a real Match Winner like Benzema, but Man United also interested in the young striker but lets Hope Wenger a French motivated French Benzema to join the club that is suited to his style of play

  3. i think…instead of Lescott..i would rather have Jagielka(also from Everton) in my team(if i were Wenger la)..yeah..Arsenal wingers plus the newbie Arshavin n a comeback Rosicky would really make Arsenal more solid up front…Xabi moves also is my dream..He n Fabregas would make a great quality of passing football..Striker position??>….still questioning Adebayor..hes inconsistency of football is the problem…Ibrahimovic!!..he is such a striker..great feet movement..good shooter,header..but yeah..i know what Wenger will say..he(wenger) will not buy someone with high profile player..hahaha

    • Ibrahimovic will do wonders to Arsenal due to all the wonderful qualities you have mentioned and also he is one of the best free kick takers but Arsenal are not in a position to compete with Real Madrid for acquiring him!!!

  4. Thanks!!!

  5. Ribery, Eto’o, Huntelaar, and two monster defenders…take your pick. That is what we need. Senderos will not come back and Sylvestre is useless. In all reality, to win silverware next season we need to spend alot of money. Our foothold in the top four is in serious jeapordy. Youth is all well and good, but with the other big three and Man City spending and acquiring huge talented and experienced players, we cannot keep up. Needs must.

    • Yes you are 100% right in saying that arsenal need to get some quality players to win something or to maintain its position at top 4 since Man City are catching in big time, they have signed Gareth Barry and few more stars are also expected to follow…

  6. Great article bro, as it is Liverpool is not selling Xabi because they wanted to sell him and buy Barry out of that money, Barry’s a citizen now. So Rafa can’t sell Xabi. Considering the kind of Budget Arsene gets I feel Jonas (New Castle) can fit the bill. But if Gunners have money I would love to see Xavi in Arsenal Shirt. How about getting David Bentley back. God knows where we end up.

    • Thanks Man!!!Now it seams that neither Xabi nor Barry will be at Arsenal next season, Barry has already signed for Man City and Xabi is strongly linked to Real Madrid, so Wenger should go for some one of that quality rather that for some one that fits the bill. Bentley is a good player but there are even better players at Arsenal who plays in his position…

  7. Another great post. Keep it up, i have become a big fan of your blog…

  8. i have faith in the boys that we have on ground right no but that does not mean that wenger should not add exprience legs to the arsenal team. Besides, there are times injuries take over the team and need replacement so, this calls for more players to be added to the team. As for bentner, believe me he is not an arsenal player.He hardly decides what to do with ball whenever he is with the ball, he should leave the team

  9. Ihave afeelin wht u’ ve suggested will lead Arsenal to Capture the best UEFA Champions an The Premire Cups to EMIRATES Wht awonderful Scuard would be with Alonso an Lescort at the Back…..Hmmmm!, Let The Proffessor do wht he does best an we need these boys this Commin Season, we respect Him an Still Arsenal need abuck Up Team/Second team in tht our young Boys are not Over worked hence ending up injured.” LET’s GO ARSENAL 2009-2010..
    DK frm UGANDA

  10. As die hard an Arsenal fan that I am…I still am able to recognize that our current squad will not be able to compete at the highest level (e.g.- win the Prem, champions League) without buying some serious power players this off-season. Why are we not even trying to go after David Villa or Ribery? Why is Vermealeen the only defender we are looking at? The Board has stated Wenger can spend the money…Let’s do it!

  11. i think arsenal needs to act now by buying big time playerrs who are ready to play there heart out and stop the buying of inexperiened player.all clubs are currently buying the right player for thier clubs but non can be heard of arsenal except speculation all around which yields virtually nothing at the end of the day.i fill this sis the right time for everybody in arsenals board including the coach to wake up so that we would not end up being out of champions league next to know recent arsenal target and what is beig done to get them

  12. we need dfenders and mid fielders.

  13. mr mananger i m great fan of arsenal plz dont let vam persie and fabregas out of team they are the key players i m waiting for retrun of vam persie thanx

  14. as an arsenal fan i would not want to see cesc go but if its his desire to go let him you make him to what he is you can do it to any player like an ozil not because i am a german supporter

  15. what we need to do has a team is to play with passion and heart we are a good team unbeatables at one point we can do it again. for this 2010-2011 season let we do it with the team that we all put our trust in cesc rvp nicklas nasri denilson gallas russian vela and all the other players gunners all the way

  16. Honestly mr wenger make us happy sincerely.
    Hope the msg is very claer.
    wilson uganda

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