Arsene Wenger wants to win a silverware this season | Wenger’s foray into Modern day Football | Arsenal F C is Becoming a French Dominated Club

Arsene wenger wants to win Silverware this season

Arsene wenger wants to win Silverware this season

It’s obvious that every football manager wants to win silverware every season but at what cost is the important point. With Arsene Wenger bids of 40 and 25 million pounds for Frank Ribery and Karim Benzema denotes that he wants to win at all costs. Wenger is well known for his policy of not paying huge sums to acquire players rather signing young and talented players who are the one for the future kind. It’s a strange and uncharacteristic bids from MR. Wenger, may be he feels that we have to win something this time around or to retain this tag “FAB FOUR” as there any many teams catching up.

Wenger is the kind of manager who believes in traditional ways in running a club, that’s nothing but having some portions of last season profits as transfer budgets and pumping in extra money through sale of players. Recently in an interview he even stated that modern day football is driven by “ARTIFICIAL MONEY”, clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea F C owned by Billionaires allot huge sums like 100 million pounds as their transfer budget. These clubs are just killing the players loyalty which we were used see in the years before. Gone are the days when a clubs say there star player as “NOT FOR SALE” or “PRICELESS”, every one has a price. I guess every one will accept this by the recent transfers of Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Coming again to bids for Ribery and Benzema, if Wenger signs both of them some how, Arsenal would have 8 French International in team squad of a English Premier League, which could stings some difficulties for the club like lack of local fans which could reduce the stadium audiences and merchandise sales and lack of interest for young English footballers to be a “Gunner”. Even now many football pundits tag Arsenal F C as “French Premier League Team” with a French Manager.

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