Fabegas wont leave Arsenal ! | Fabregas Barcelone Shirt | Fabregas on a Barcelone Jersey

I was in the same emotions as any Arsenal fans were when we saw Fabregas was forced to were  a Barcelone jersey.

Fabregas on a Barcelone Shirt

Fabregas on a Barcelone Shirt

This is one of the worst sights that the gunners fans were to take up in the recent past. We all know that Fabregas is Barca bound, but he wont make a move this year for sure. We saw what we will get in Barcelone in the recently concluded world cup, a bench place that wont make any footballer happy that too a super star like Fab wont be happy at all and more over if he get a place in the team also we wont be the center of play since there wold always be Xavi or Iniesta for it which a playmaker like him wont be fond of. So only when they both get retired or get out of Barca Fabregas wont want to move and more over teh Barca’s debts has to be cleared to make a 50 pound transfer, so for all gunner fans where is nothing to worry at all, we will have our fab Fabregas and will get closure to the title!!!

~ by shazhell on July 15, 2010.

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