Arsenal Players Shirt Numbers Under Wenger | Arsenal players transformation under wenger

Arsenal squad 2011

Arsenal squad 2011

What would you do if your championship winning team is aging?

You would buy big names from else where to keep winning or scout for a fresh blood who can become a player who you what to be, Arsene Wenger opted the second.

Having opting for a new stadium costing 390 million pounds and the construction work starting on Feb 2004, Wenger had no resources to replace his aging squad, so he had no choice but to look for young players. I have to admit that Wenger and Arsenal scouting system has been the best from that time having scouted across the Europe in search for quality players with the eye of becoming super-stars and with Wenger had an eye for replacements for his aging squad and has assigned the shirt numbers to the young guns as their presessors, for instance

Arsenal No 4, Fabregas as was Viera, eventhough there are no comparisons between the players, they are the most important midfield players as well as the club captains.

Arsenal No 7, Rosicky as was Pires, both are tremendous two foot wingers, but the former couldn’t live up to the later due to his injury setbacks.

Arsenal No 8, Nasri as was Ljungberg, again two wonderful wingers with the former being more technically gifted and the later enjoyed success at Arsenal.

Arsenal No 10, Persie as was Bergkamp, the flying Dutchmen of the gunner’s era. Both are tactically capable of creating chances further to their goal scoring spree.

Arsenal No 14, Theo Walcott as was Henry, this is where Wenger comes in, how he transformed Henry then a winger to striker, trying that with Walcott too. First step of the transformation is assigning the shirt number and only time will tell if Theo has what it is got to be Henry.

Arsenal No 15, Denilson as was Parlour, both short holding midfielders but Denilson has to improve a lot show he is a worthy replacement.

All these current stars come in very cheep, which helped gunners bank balance which was frequently getting deteriorated because of the huge loan they have taken for the new home. And with the help of “Highbury squre” (redevelopment of the Highbury stadium and conversion into flats) and off loading players like Viera, Bently, Henry, Ljungberg, Reyes, Helb, Adebayor and Toure arsenal income has been in the rise and they were able to finish with a profit in excess of 30 million pounds for last two season.

End of the day, I have to appreciate what Wenger and his scouting and marketing teams has done over the most difficult period of the club when they had debts over 200-300 million pounds, no wonder every one regards Wenger as a transfer guru. I wish every Arsenal fan got to know all these before accusing Wenger for not getting in big names and letting their star players to leave.

~ by shazhell on February 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “Arsenal Players Shirt Numbers Under Wenger | Arsenal players transformation under wenger”

  1. u guys rock u people r the best of all people i really love u all u guys rock

  2. i will always be behind you gunners have confidence to do wonders you have the quality men

  3. Wenger builts unknown players to superstars,one of the best coaches of all time!

  4. we are not only fans but supporters.with Arsenal on every move.

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