Arsenal Transfers 2011-2012 | Arsenal Summer Transfers 2011-2012

Eventhough the season in any means over yet with gunners still having the chance to end their 6 year jinx I’m still writing this because it cant take it any more seeing the club I love, worship and trust end up being in this position that even being the best club in the league yet in the second place in the league table and loosing out in rest of the competitions.

Arsenal need experience and mover over the guys with wining mentality or the guys know how to win. Just look at Manchester United they dont have the best squad in the business yet they are winning simply because they have guys who have been there before and won multiple trophies in contrast Arsenal have only one player Clichy who has the premiership medal.

Gunners clearly needs players in 3 fields, Goal Keeping, defense and Striking department. With all the take over cloud surrounding Arsenal, Arsene Wenger will be assured with a hefty transfer sum, but as we all know Arsene wont be involved in big-money signings and more over what is the difference between Arsenal and other clubs if they do so, Arsenal FC is always a place to unearth gems or a place where a good player transforms to a top-class player. And they dont have to do so this season, Gianluigi Buffon is out of contract this season so is Alessandro Nesta, both quality experienced players and most importantly winners. Buffon and Nesta are the kind of guys gunners need to propel there young talents with the likes of Wojciech Szczesny and Johan Djourou excelling this season. And another player I would want see in donning the Arsenal jersey is a top class finisher. Arsenal have the best midfield which is second only to Barcelona and they create at least 10 chances a game and yet they end not scoring even a single goal due to care less or under pressure finishing. I would like to see Karim Benzema or Klaas-Jan Huntelaar as a string partner to Van Persie, both top class finishers and good in the air as well just what Arsenal desperately need.

Arsenal_transfers_2011-2012 | Buffon | Huntelaar | Nesta | Benzema

Arsenal_transfers_2011-2012 | Buffon | Huntelaar | Nesta | Benzema

With inclusion of this three players would obvious mean some players needs to get snubbed. So the players I mind not seeing feature in Arsenal squad are Manuel Almunia, Tomas Rosicky, Denilson, Sebastien Squillaci and Nicklas Bendtner. I’m not saying they are not fit to were the Gunners jersey or they dont have the quality but they dont have the most importantly thing that is what required, winning mentality.

I’m sure that with the Inclusion Buffon, Nesta and either Benzema or Huntelaar, Arsenal would be in a better position to win anything and break their jinks and keep up the history and tradition of Arsenal FC live and lastly get back the smile in the faces of fans like me.

~ by shazhell on April 16, 2011.

69 Responses to “Arsenal Transfers 2011-2012 | Arsenal Summer Transfers 2011-2012”

  1. As for me there are young talented is just that arssene should open his eyes and buy the right player. Arsenal needs to strengthen the defence by 50%,midfield by 30-40% and the attack by say 10-20%.arsenal needs a striker that is good in the air and on ground not like chamakh.If fabregas is nt going needs another creative midfielder like fabregas and a strong one like song.then for defence squilaci shud go to the bench and get a very strong defender to replace him.I think djourou is still ok.Arsenal needs good players on the pitch as well as on bench.just like Man U

    • I agree, Arsenal have some exciting young players, All they need is some one in the team to lead and some one who would provide moral support. Thats why Buffon and Nesta will fit the bill. I dont think Fabregas will be moving, he is not saturated at Arsenal, he is yet to will premier league and Squilaci should be out of the team, he is very slow and week.

  2. That wright boza, since we have seen no improvement in arsenal coach and gunners have never perform like that before in rest of their pass season.who else to be blame? If coach deon’t morall to de players.I think wenger should think about that too.

  3. go gunners go….we have heard tht a lot bt seems gunners themselvs being gun down being a fan of arsenal i cant criticize the team …v lack a lot of things including mental strength ,physical strength and co ordination i reckon team needs more experienced players so the youngster learn from them.. departure of experienced players has effected the team strength a lot …bottom line fresh players with experience could be the remedy…

  4. if the chelsea manager gets fired the new one wont want ribery so fingers crossed we get him

  5. we need experience playerz who have determination,the will to win,love for the club like benzema,snierder,ribery

  6. I must suggest arsenal please sing experience player because they knows how to wins.Arsenal is the best team but if arsene wenger add some experience player,i am sure they win all the tittle of their 2011-2012 season.go gunners go.

  7. do for sure arsenal need changes in their squad n am sure they wil do better

  8. a would wish to see peter odimwiengie alongside van persie and benzema also in mdfield a would wish to see obafemi martins and vandervaat
    and defence awould wish to see bains and schwazer from fullham

  9. go gunners we are behind you where ever you go, we want some trophy as a team. please try and bring some good players to the team.

  10. yes arsenal go, go, go.we gonna gun dem down all.

  11. arsenal needs a better gunman who would moralise the team

  12. ARSENER WENGER , should leave the club because his plan is to make money with the owner of the club and not to create a winning team.also his plan is to make arsenal fans sad all the time. we are tired of him with unfulfilled promise at the end of every season.he is doing deliberately not to bring in the Squad good players, i don’t know the reason behind, because he can make comparison the the squad of 49 unbeaten matches with the players he is having is a shame for the big club like Arsenal to stay six years with no any trophy, may be he is happy with the Emirates cup for the Ladies. SO I INSIST WENGER SHOULD GO AND LEAVE OUR CLUB SO THAT WE CAN BE HAPPY.

    • Dont Blame only on Wenger, its all because of Emirates Stadium, because of which they run into debts and needed to sell their stars and Wenger had to take the path of investing in Young Guns.

    • Arsenal can do it. Let us stop thinking as if Wenger does not have the club at heart. Whether iam happy with our performance or not, i ve promised my self to remain an arsenal fan. I want to watch arsenal play live at the Emirate stadium one day.

  13. We need a player like Etoo ,Benzema ,Falcao and not players like Bedtner ..for the striking force and player like Lssana Diara for assisting Midfield and not players like Diaby . and More effort is needed in Defense, wenger should make decision to bring in GARY CAHIL, for defence …

  14. I agree with u shazhell, but Wenger should not take it for granted ! take an example he sold HENRY, HLEB,TOURE,ADEBAYOR,FLAMIN,GILBETO, EDUARDO,,,, he sold this players for a lot of money,..then he refused not to replace them……..that is why lam keeping on insisting that Wenger should leave the club…how can you sell potential players like Henry and you fail to fill the gap? where this money goes?

    • I agree with some of yours, Henry and Viera should had not been sold because they are irreplaceable and there young guns would have had their heros who they can look out for. The money from all the player sales helped the team clearing their 300 million debts that they look for Emirates stadium. But still Wenger has done remarkable job considering these debts cloud and the style of play he opted for.

  15. yes the money helped to clear their 300 million debt, but the problem of our manager is giving hope to Arsenal fans at the beginning of the season,because at the end of every season Wenger had been always promised to bring more players, but he failed to do so,,, and funny enough when they play and win one or two,three matches, wenger do forget his promise and come with different language like ,AM HAPPY BECAUSE OF THE BOYS THEY PLAYED WELL AND WIN…..once beaten he keeps on saying we were unluck,we had alot of chance but we didnt win.; So we are tired of this child’s language,,,, WENGER SHOULG GO ,,,

    • How can you say am playing well for six years with no trophy? this is completely wrong ,look like Barcelona their style of playing, their fans not only always enjoy the football but also they are having trophy.. we arsenal i cant say we are playing good football,coz finally football is what you achieve at the end of 90 minutes…..

      • Ya winning trophies is ultimate dream for any sports club, but bad luck with injuries, debts and shrewd ownership are other thing.

  16. so what can be done?

  17. Let arsenal sell Narsi to man utd and buy good player.

  18. My friend in Arsenal there is no player like Nasri, so if wenger sells Nasri Arsenal will be in trouble…..altenatively they should sell Diaby, bedtner,eboue,squilach,gibs,rosicky,denilson

  19. wenger also should sell Fabregas,becouse Arsenal need players who real like Arsenal in all aspect, to fabregas it seems he is Arsenal physically but mental he is Barcelona… we dont want players like him…….

  20. I just don’t really understand the kind of policy this man wenger is applying on Arsenal football club. A situation where the manager will sell off all the great assets of the team with no appropriate replacement. I must tell you; that’s quite unacceptable anywhere. It just doesn’t make any sense really. I hope the manager(Arsene Wenger) could try take all we fans into consideration, since the board members at Arsenal have refused to send him parking. They should let him know that we need trophy to celebrate with this great club. I’m really hoping the club have something to celebrate, comes this season 2011/12

  21. I agree with you Tommy,We need trophy this season, but our manager is the one who is suppose to be blamed for the situation we are facing…. that is why some times i insist he should go and leave our Club…..I fail to understand a great Manager with a great Club to stay six years with no Trophy …… this is unacceptable !!!!!

  22. arsenal for life,my idea to this is dat arsenal to buy buffon,hutelaar but d rest rubbish.gervinho,fuller in stroke city,alvarez,shittu of nigeria in case we play wit barca.they are all strong.pls bvy them.

  23. Maybe Samuel – Inter or Nesta – AC Milan is a good idea yeah .

    Affelay can be a good deal to

  24. Affelay not only can be a good player, he is also a great player for Arsenal …

  25. i think the right person 4 me is still buffon.

  26. i think the right person 4 me is still sakho,he has the ability and also benzemaema

  27. Iam not sure if this season we are going to be in top Four, this is because of the situation we are facing now.. Our Manager doesn’t care of what we are saying on our club…Vampersie also said that Wenger should bring in the great players unless the club will be in trouble… So i think he should go and leave our club

    • yah,arsene venger shud leave th for bufoon nd hunterlaar,i think thyl b a great asset,,nasri shud also leav corz h sees tht th arsenal staff want him and hes even now playin hard 2 get….the midfield 4me is stil ok,bt lass 4 rm real madrid shud also b considered..f possible evn steven gerrard…

  28. For Steve Gerald is not possible how much are you going to pay him? think about $110 for Nasri , venger said there is no money to pay such huge amount of cash…

  29. there can be so many critism about arsenal team but im 100% an arsenal fan i have 1 advise to Mr.Wenger stop being a miser and start buying experienced players if you dont have money then sell the following 3 players nicolas bendtner,manuel almunia,and rosicky and buy atleast one expensive and experience player.we know wenger is good in managing club financial matters but this time we need trophies and not sexy football.all people know we are good in that.we are tired of waiting.

  30. Well said mate, for me i dont agree with Wenger bebouse Arsenal is having a lot of money…. we sold Henry, Viera,Gilbeto, Adebayo,Toure, Hleb, Flamin….with alot of my question is where does this money goes? look u can say we used them to buy players but in Arsenal there is no player who is expensive more than 20 Pound on cost.
    wenger should leave the club.

  31. If this club is claiming to have no money to buy expensive players then I think its high time the management should start thinking of selling Arsene wenger himself.I’m sure we will get alot of money.I love arsenal

  32. Listen I have lost all my respect for (arsene wenger), Because season after season we were promise a change that he will strengthen are squad but all he has done in the past six season is failed . Also is just weaken the team,I think if (arsene wenger want to stay in the position his in he should bring players: GK:BUFFON or SHAY GIVIN CB: GARY CAHILL or SAMBA as he is well ex prince in the Primer league.

  33. well,much has been said about arsenal transfers this season.lets hope with the few transfers arsenal has made is going to give us atleast a cup of tea this season lets all arsenal fans wish arsenal the best.

  34. My dear friend don’t expect any cup from Arsenal . the reason is because of the players we are having and the type of manager we are also having. we are lack potential players who are real committed to the club,the manager also is not serious his aim is to make business trough selling players and not to win any trophy. look now he want to sell Nasri and Fabregas., with no replacement.. ARSENER WENGER should go and leave the club. he doesnt want any Arsenal fans to be happy..

  35. To be fair to Wenger he changed English football but that was over ten years ago and he needs to prove the arsenal fans such ad myself by buying a big name player and let us see if it makes a difference to our success and if we start winning something then he needs to learn from it, if it doesnt make a difference then at least he gave us the realisation that it isn’t a big name that changes our club with the success rate, that would mean we just need to make a couple of changes to our style of play, but I hope for great success this season:)

  36. buying samuel eto’o for a better team

  37. eto would be a good option for sure!

  38. is this the wenger who used to be wenger? the wenger who had the likes of robert pires, mark overmars, denis bergkamp, thiery henry, patrick viera, and many of the like? he used to be a team coach then! now he’s become a football academy teacher. we arsenal fans and supporters are currently experiencing the worst kind of pain.
    bu players, wenger. use money!!! pay them well. we’re way past the days of totally depending on loyalty “alone” from players!

  39. The previous lose to Liverpool was very disappointing,please work hard team for the next coming games .

  40. plz wenger show some mercy for arsenal fans

  41. i said very early ,that this season Wenger and his team, they should not expect anything, even to among of the top four.

  42. Guyz the problem of our team begins wiz the funs,lts hight time u boycot watching arsenal matches,lts from this point that wenger and the board will recognise the importance of our cry.

  43. I agree with you mr.kris but the problem is how to convince fans from attending these matches.I think playerz too should participate by boycotting playing

  44. I think for only this tym the old man learnt a lesson,bt i think his final signings were atleast fair.wish u gud luck Arsenal fans dis season.

  45. i just went to join Mancity fans for loan until january next year at least to get some rest,,,, but now am back to the gunners,,, apart from what wenegr did at last, am still having some questions to ask the manager why he didi this to us,,,,, coz he could have done this before the opening of the season… any way at least am happy now for bring in Benayoun,he plays like Nasri and Arteta is playing like Fabregas, it is perfect replacement .thanks also for bring in dosantos and metsacker also park.

  46. why hv’nt wenger py pack?.

  47. We need good players with exiperence

  48. arsenal is doni good but needs defence and midfilders

  49. yes i believe if arsene wenger shud arrange to buy benzema, nasta, podoski and kalou,,,,den arsenal will make it in any league they found themsalve just as carying so many troophes this 2011/2012 with the use of thiery henry…gummers 4 ever

  50. arsene plz buy kaka n podolski. They make much fit in team. N try to kept henry n kept out squilaci. Bring miquel in final lineup!


  52. How about Carlos Vela, he seems like he’s having a good season with his loan team. He’s a good goal creator, could help us out next season.

  53. I think Wenger should buy good prayers but instead he sells off good prayers without there replacement and we arsenal fans we love our club but where are the trophies and medals

  54. i wish we can get hunte

  55. You absolutely outdid yourself with this. I’m seriously impressed

  56. Suck your Cats

  57. Mandakini Ravi i fucked your sister

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