Arsenal squad 2011-2012 | Arsenal Possible Transfers | Arsenal transfer rumors | Arsenal players in and Arsenal players out | Arsenal season 2010-2011 review

Arsene Wenger Angry

Arsene Wenger Angry

After a “disappointing” season as termed by Arsene Wenger himself, he assured that he would spend and do everything he can to hold on key players which means that he and his scouting team is in for a couple of hectic months that could bring the missing thing to the current Arsenal squad and restore the pride of Arsenal football club who are celebrating their 125th year in the history.

Arsenal had the ideal squad in the season that has just unfolded minus one top class Goal Keeper, which was evident during initial period, where that played the best attacking football and Almunia doing his best to nullifying it with his usual blunders. In the middle part of the season with the emergence Lukasz Fabianski and Wojciech Szczesny and with the injury to Thomas Vermaelen  and awful show by Sebastien Squillaci make the squad look missing a top class defender with the Goal keeping position looked ok, and again Arsenal played the best eye-catching football which was nullified by school boy defending. Post the Christmas season they looked to be the ideal squad, with Szczesny, Djourou and Robin Van Persie excelling. They played the best football in their own brand which all end in one night in one mix up in the Carling Cup final and they could never come back from it.

This shows that drastic changes are not required to revamp the squad, arsenal just need some players who are fit to wear the Arsenal Jersey and get rid of the players who dont. Here are some of the possible transfers in respective positions.

Goal Keeper –

In – Nil

Out – Manuel Almunia

Szczesny is a huge talent, he is the present No.1 Arsenal goal keeper and he will be for years to come. He has the perfect height and technique to be regarded as a top class goal keeper and with likes of Fanianski in the Squad, Goal keeping position looks very stable for Arsenal after a very long time. Jens Lehmann as player cum coach will be icing on the cake.

Defense –

In – Gary Cahill and Arsenal reserve products Kyle Bartley and Ignasi Miquel

Out – Sebastien Squillaci and Kieran Gibbs(Out on Loan)

Gunners need a solid and consistent defender

who tackle without fear

nullify the high crosses clear

lead the defense line dear

week in and week out and that is Gary Cahill for you. He is all Arsenal need he would fit into the line up perfectly partnering our Verminator and with Koscielny and Djourou in the squad it would make the best defense in the premiership. Couple of reserve players are ready for first team namely Kyle Bartley, who on loan at Rangers was a huge hit in Scotland and the Spaniard Miquel had already made couple of appearances in this season, both are the ones for the future. Squillaci is the one who should be out of the team, he is very fragile and slow to be playing in premier league. Gibbs is a quality player all he needs is match experience, he should be loaned out. Rumors of Clichy wanting out is outrageous, he is the only remaining premier league medal winner and he is the best defender for Arsenal with 90 tackles won and many interceptions made. He is other player who Wenger should do everything to make him stay.

Midfield –

In – Scott Parker, Eden Hazard and Arsenal reserve products Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, Henri Lansbury and Emmanuel Frimpong

Out – Abou Diaby, Tomas Rosicky and Denilson

Arsneal has the best midfield in the world second to the great Barca so there is not much changes required except for the squad lack a natural left foot winger, thats where Eden Hazard fills in perfectly, who gives the midfield more versatility and creativity. Arsenal midfield lacks an strong, experienced leader and motivator on and off the pitch thats where Scott Parker comes in, the relegated West Ham captain single-handedly fought for his club’s survival before getting himself injured is an experienced leader who Arsenal dearly want. The Arsenal academy has produced the best midfield players over the years in England and this year we can expect Emmanuel-Thomas, Lansbury and Frimpong getting their due. Transfer rumors of Arsenal wanting to sell Arshavin is rubbish, he is a match winner, this year he scored 10 goal and assisting 17 times, is that Arsenal dont want next season? Samir Nasri has been the revelation of the season and with 12 months left on his contract we can expect that he is linked to various team but Wenger should do everything to make him stay. Arsenal should get rid of Diaby, Rosicky and Denilson they are not fit to wear the Arsenal jersey and what about the news of Denilson is sick of Arsenal not winning silverware for 6 years, well Arsenal didn’t win any because they have a short, fragile and coward Midfielder in the center like Denilson.

Forward –

In – Karim Benzema

Out – Nicklas Bendtner

Arsenal midfield creates lots and lots of chances every game in and game out, but they lack a natural finisher, we have seen lots and lots of shots sailing wide and over the bar over the past seasons, thats why Arsenal need Benzema, he is a natural finisher and also a selfish player, that is what the Arsenal strikers miss. Wenger should get rid of Bendtner, his finishing is awful to say the least and yet he blames Wenger for not giving opportunities.

Bottom line – Wenger needs to spend during this summer transfer market, otherwise we wont see any improvement to the “disappointing season”.

~ by shazhell on May 26, 2011.

31 Responses to “Arsenal squad 2011-2012 | Arsenal Possible Transfers | Arsenal transfer rumors | Arsenal players in and Arsenal players out | Arsenal season 2010-2011 review”

  1. Arsenal have many useless players whom they must leave the club before you make any correction like diaby bendtner squilaci chamach djouro and so on.

  2. chamaka is useless! I agree go after a world class striker! denilson, rosicky and the likes, go find another club. Fabregas can go with nasri and lets use the cash to buy a world class midfield. We need some quality defenders who don’t buckle under pressure. 2012 year of the gunners if these changes are made

  3. fabrigas might go but he must expect 2 play the game on the bench he cant make xavi henandez sit on the bench never his career is going 2 end there look what happened to henry that boy must think twice

  4. arsenal next star jack wilshere he’s a very hardworking player watch him this season

  5. arsenal needs toatal transformation of playing techniques.changew of ‘s not an accident that almight arsenal of 2003-2004 season as gone 6 years empty handed while man united is happy every excuses .no excuses any more .management overhaul is the cure.believe me venger has no pressure any time whatsoever to feel any sympathy of missing class players are unwilling to join a loosig team.instead a winning one is paramount.players love success of there hard work.change is imminent

    • I dont think Arsenal need Management overhaul, i guess the are doing good with whatever they have, but Physio needs to be changed, Arsenal had all their key players injured all the season and the injury time is always prolonging. May be the Arsenal Board is to blame for not assigning good transfer funds thats the reason for the 6 year trophy drought.


  7. Well,l think wenger should change the captainship from rosicky nd fabregas cos they dont ve luck.Vermalean deserves it

  8. AW should pls spend big & let go of nasri & fabregas if they want 2 go, den AW shuld go for world class midfielders.

  9. Fabre nd nasri should stay fr ths season again, leavng th club its worthless.

  10. bendtner ,diaby ,denilson is suck..

  11. wenger try 2 buy new prayer

  12. send latest news for today 3rd-august-2011

  13. Rosicky is not a dirty player , He is a classy midfielder , the best of all with his style of playing he can use to impress a woman without even talking to her so rosicky should not be left to go out of the club follow my words. Arsenal has world class players but injury is the cause don’t know why they injury prone but time will tell,Arsenal has class. Now follow these words these are the players that should go but requires possible replacement they are as follows: And there are reasons for that

    1. Abou Diaby
    2. Kieran Gibbs
    3. Emmanuel Ebove
    4. Frimpong
    5. Sebastian Squillaci
    6. Manuel Almunia
    7. Lucasz Fabiansky

    The rest of the players are free to play .

  14. haha:D.. that’s all i can say looking at the outrageous transfer rumours that have been posted on the site… it is not good the way arsenal are looking right now.. the midfield has gone place, no innovation.. once the most dangerous because of their ability to capitalize any glitch in the opponents defence, arsenal now face a mighty challenge to fill the voids cesc and nasri have created, which are huge,…. i can say only one thing, god save arsenal

  15. arsen wenger is so stupid person … hehe he done a great thing for arsenal whose not occured in the history !!!

  16. I love arsenal but they need to buy more good players

  17. Be with meat all the time

  18. Thierry Henry got transferred back to Arsenal in 2012 and its true

  19. In addition of,Eden Hazard,Scort Percker nd Benzema wil make Arsenal to become world class premier League club.

  20. wenger should learn how to change player
    arshavin be in the bench

  21. rosisky should be playing and not ramsey

  22. wenger shd try to buy one hungry striker lk vp end also strong number 3 to help gibson

  23. wat r ua views on de forthcoming xixon

  24. please do something to leage cup next season b\c we develop gastiritis ok;;

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