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In the recently unfolded “disappointing season” for Arsenal, in which they  had coincided 43 goals in their 38 premier league matches of which 23 are through set pieces, this had been identified by the Professor Arsene Wenger as the area to improve. He admits this is due to the fact that the average height of his squad is the lowest in the League and he is in the market for a “Tall” Defender.

With the likes of Wilshere, Arshavin, Nasri, Fabregas, Sagna, Clichy, Walcott in the squad, Arsenal have some of the shorter to the average height players of the Premier League and thats the reason why they desperately need some tall defensive players who would take the set pieces head on.

Thats where someone like Christopher Samba(193 Cms) or Brede Hangeland(194 cms) will fill the void. Any of those towering defenders will complement Johan Djourou (192 cms), Abou Diaby (188 cms), Laurent Koscielny (185 cms), Alex Song (184 cms) and Thomas Vermaelen (183 cms) already in the squad. Samba has been linked to Arsenal quite a lot these days not only because of the failed bid in January transfer window but also the height he offers along with strength, he would cost gunners around 8-10 million pounds, if else they should do for Hangeland another towering defender but he is relatively not that strong, he would also be available around 10 million.

With either of Samba or Hangeland transferring in and any of Benzema or Higuain flying in, the possible Arsenal formation of 2011-2012 would be….

Arsenal Formation 2011-2012 | Arsenal 4 3 3 Formation

Arsenal Formation 2011-2012 | Arsenal 4 3 3 Formation

Even though, 4-3-3 formation of Arsenal has received criticisms across some football pundits, they should continue with it, because Fabregas and Wilshere would be the best playing in the center of the park and may be Song should be given a deeper role.

Apart from goals through set pieces the other area where Arsenal concede is Counter attack, this is because of the fact they have the attack minded full backs, Sanga and Clichy and another major problem with Arsenal last season was their failure to hold on to the leads, thats why they should change their tactics and sub out Clichy, Sagna and Wilshere after taking the leads and sub in Djourou (CD or DM), Koscielny(CD or DR) and Diaby(DM) who offers the height to clear out set-pieces. Vermaelan and Koscielny can be used in left and right flanks to sub out Clichy and Sagna. Arsenal players have come under great amount of criticism for their intention to pass every time without going for the shot and here is again the Arsenal tactics should be changed and Fabregas, Nasri and Walcott should be given the free role to shoot when ever the opportunities arises.

Arsenal had played huge chunk of matches last season since they were in the League Cup till the Finals, FA cup till the Semis and Champions League till the Last 16 and the players were drained both physically and mentally because of which the key players got injured and lacked the freshness to play a 100% committed game during the later part of the season, So Wenger should rotate his players adequately, rest the key players during cup matches and while playing against easy opponent and give Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, Lansbury, Ryo Miyaichi, Kyle Bartley, Ignasi Miquel, Emmanuel Frimpong and Conor Henderson starts and bench regular first team players so that they can come in in-case of emergency.

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~ by shazhell on June 3, 2011.

10 Responses to “Arsenal Defenders Transfer Targets | Arsenal Tactics 2011-2012 | Arsenal Formation 2011/2012 | Arsenal Squad 2011 2012”

  1. I think arsenal need not only tall defenders, but aswell quick and strong defenders. Arsenal also need skillfull and strong strikers who can hold balls even if only one on top to score goals.

    • Ya but we have Verminator, Koscielny, Djourou who are quick, they lack Strength and height which Samba or Hangeland will provide. You are perfect on the attacking department they need some who is strong and holds the ball

  2. Firstly, yeah i agree…..someone tall and strong at the back who is also quick. In this case, Gary Cahill looks to be their best bet.Sagna also really needs a replacement when tired or injured. Lets face it, Eboue is not very good defensively at all.Well at least weve got carl Jenkinson.
    besides that…….a new goalkeeper!!!Almunia isnt good enough for them.Maybe Neuer or Emiliano Viviano??
    On the attacking front, I dont think Benzema or Higuain will ever be at Arsenal.Instead, Arsene Wenger should do his best to land Gervinho, Eden Hazard and if possible Radamel Falcao.They would provide great if not perfect support for Robin van Persie.
    Lastly,Mr Wenger should scrap the 4-3-3 formation and go back to 4-4-2. This provides more support for the strikers as they wont be isolated up front as they tend to be in 4-3-3.

    My first team :-

    RB- Sagna/ Jenkinson
    CB-Vermaelen, Gary Cahill
    LB- Clichy
    LW- Gervinho
    ST-van Persie, Falcao

    • I agree to all of what u said, except that Where is Wilshere and Song, they are the Engine to the Arsenal and they need to in the team, and thats why Arsenal should continue with 4 3 3 not 4 4 2.

  3. That is true….but well never know unless Arsene tries out the 4 4 2 again..
    Just look at the success of the Invincibles!! They played with a 4 4 2.
    I hope he is willing to be a bit more offensive and try it out during the pre season.
    Again I want to say that u are also right…Jack especially is important. If Hazard doesnt come, Nasri can fill in out wide while Jack can come in midfield.

    • Arsene should opt for 4 3 3 if Wilshere and Fabregas are playing if not he should opt for 4 4 2, just because Jack and Fab are the best playing at the center.

  4. arsenal are the best hahahah were better than you

  5. wenger should sign more skilled defenders to make it more powerful and atleast 1 striker. that is if non of the first squad is on transfer. MORE EFFORT AND COORDINATION IS REQUIRED OVERAL

  6. Well,as a true Arsenal supporter I have 2 say that Arsene Wenger needs 2 damn go!! He’s really holding the club back!?!

  7. I observe that arsene wenger is the one holding the club back.

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